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Entering Into an Energy Deal

You’re welcome to enter into an energy deal with us here at Cheap Energy!

Fill out your information in the order form. As soon as the order has been sent, you will of course receive an order confirmation to your email address. Don’t forget to fill out your desired start date. If you don’t know the date, just leave it blank.

Are you moving to a new address? We’ll need your information seven days before your desired delivery start date. If we don’t get it, the deal will commence as soon as possible. We need time to get the plant ID, and to apply for the delivery start with the network owner. If it’s not a move, the earliest start date is 14 days from today’s date. Yep, that’s how it is, in accordance with something called the Electricity Act. You’ll find today’s date at the bottom, where you approve the deal.

Would you be curious about our lovely terms and conditions? When you tick the box at the bottom, you’ll approve the whole deal and our terms and conditions.

As you can read if you click on the link above, called Energifaktura®, you don’t need to see your electricity network bills from now on. This means that you’ll only get one bill which includes your energy supply and electricity network. The free Energifaktura® service is included in all products.

You can always see all prices such as comparison prices for 2,000, 5,000 and 20,000 kWh. You only need to change the number of kWh in the ‘number of kWh/year’ box.

    Private or business

    Variable Plan

    The variable agreements are signed with 0 months tie -in period and 0 months notice period for private customers. The terms for variable agreements without tie -in period apply only for 12 months, and after that period, the agreement will convert to a permanent agreement with a 1-month notice period. Please refer to our contract terms for our permanent agreement. The discount for variable agreements is valid only for 12 months and only for new customers.

    Fixed Price

    0 months notice period for private customers

    Origin of electricity

    Where does the electricity go?

    Newly moved in?


    Price specification

    Electricity price: Beräknat medelvärde i öre/kWh för föregående månad (
    Surcharge including electric certificate:
    Discount: Valid for 12 months and only new customers
    Electronic origin:
    Monthly fee:
    Total (markup and discount included):
    Comparative price including monthly fee:

    Where does the electricity go?

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