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Palle & the Quest for Cheap Energy

In the Palle & the Quest for Cheap Energy series, you get to accompany the sheep Palle on a breathtaking adventure to save his community from voracious electricity thieves.

In addition, you will also learn a lot about how the electricity market works in reality, who are the actors and what is their relationships to each other.

Cheap Energy is based on an idea that was born way back 20 years ago. The Swedish energy market had just opened up. The monopoly was let go, and price-squeezing energy companies could finally offer their products to Swedish customers.

Cheap Energy is run by a cheerful team in southern Sweden – Skåne, to be exact. All of Sweden is our workplace though, of course, and we have customers from Keinovuopio to Ystad. (Keinovuopio is Sweden’s northernmost village with permanent residents.) ‘The Cheap Team’ has more than 50 years of collective experience from the energy industry, and we’re here for you all the way.