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Vanliga frågor

I want to sign up for an electricity contract! What do I need to do?

The easiest and quickest way to sign up for an electricity contract is via our website. When you have filled in all the text boxes and selected the type of contract you want, just click on “Order electricity contract”. We then receive the contract immediately, and a contract confirmation is sent to you via email. If you prefer to arrange a contract via telephone, call us on 010 – 405 41 80. Our friendly staff will be delighted to help you!

Do I really need an 18-digit installation ID to sign up for an electricity contract?

No, you don’t! But if we receive this 18-digit number, the process will be quicker, and there is a greater chance that your contract can start on the desired date. We cannot guarantee your start-up date if we don’t receive your installation ID. Unfortunately this is just the way things are.

How quickly can my electricity contract start?

If you have specified a date and entered your installation ID, it takes 14 days for us to activate your contract. If you are moving into a new home, please see the information below.

I am moving into a new home. What do I need to do?

If we receive details of the moving-in date before you move, we can activate your electricity contract on the actual moving-in date. However, we usually need to receive this information 7 days prior to start of delivery, so that we have time to find out the installation ID and arrange the start of delivery with the network owner. If you have already moved and the moving-in date has passed, it takes 14 days for us to activate your contract.

I am moving out of my home! What do I need to do?

When you move out, your network contract is terminated. This means that, as a customer, you need to sign a new contract with us for your new address. You can do this easily via our website with your new address, or else you can call us on 010 – 405 41 80. Our friendly staff will be pleased to assist you!

I wonder how your fixed prices can be so incredibly low?!

It’s not easy! We work extremely hard, every day, to keep our fixed prices as low as possible on all the price comparison sites on the internet. The prices you see on our website are the prices that apply to your contract. Compared to the large state-owned, municipal and foreign electricity companies, we are flexible and able to act quickly to achieve the lowest possible prices every day. We don’t own any infrastructure that costs money to maintain, and we don’t have any expensive energy production of our own. This is why we can keep our prices so low.

What is your Energifaktura® (“Energy Invoice”) service?

Energifaktura® (the Swedish term for “Energy Invoice”) is our fantastic service that combines your electricity supply invoice and your electricity network invoice into one simple invoice. In other words, you receive a total electricity cost on one and the same invoice. The network invoice includes fixed charges for electricity network fees, energy tax and electricity transmission and distribution. Cheap Energy only delivers and invoices the actual electricity consumption. With our Energifaktura® service, you, as the customer, receive a single invoice with only one amount to pay. If you have several installations, either at the same address or at different addresses, we can also invoice them on one and the same invoice. Convenient and simple! There are no restrictions on the number of installations or invoices we can combine to produce a single Energifaktura® invoice.

I want to register for e-invoice/autogiro. What do I need to do?

Naturally we want to make things as easy as possible for you! We would be pleased to help you register for autogiro or e-invoice.
1. For autogiro, you need to send us an email with your bank details, such as your bank, clearing number and account number. If you wish to register for e-invoice, you only need to tell us which bank you use. We also need to know your personal ID number / customer number so that we can find you in our system. Send your email to:
2. If you prefer to provide us with your bank details via telephone, call us on 010 – 405 41 80.
3. We care about the environment, and we therefore prefer not to send a printed autogiro form via the postal service. Communication via email or telephone is also more secure and enables much quicker processing.

I received a welcome letter from you. What is it?

We value your custom, and you therefore receive a welcome letter when you sign up for a contract directly via our website, via telephone or via one of our resellers. The welcome letter is sent out in the form of a letter, email or text message. It contains useful information and welcomes you as a customer. You do not need to reply to the letter or do anything if all the information is correct.

I have received an electricity contract proposal. What is it?

Sometimes we send electricity contract proposals to consumers and business customers throughout Sweden. These electricity contract proposals may be sent via email or the postal service (but we prefer not to send letters, out of consideration for the environment). If you would like to accept our electricity contract proposal, please call us or send us your reply in the envelope provided. We wish to stress that there is no obligation to accept our electricity contract proposal – it is simply a proposal, and there is absolutely no reason to feel pressured or offended at having received this proposal. We send out these proposals based on change-of-address lists, and we don’t know whether or not there is an existing contract for the addresses to which these proposals are sent. If you are not interested in our advantageous electricity contract proposal, please just dispose of it via your paper recycling service or your email trash folder.

What time of the month are invoices sent from Cheap Energy?

We usually send out our invoices around the 12th of each month, or as soon as possible after we have received the meter readings and the network invoices from the Swedish network operators.

Is it possible for me to see my invoices or my electricity consumption online? Perhaps also my electricity network invoices from the Energifaktura® service?

Of course! When you receive your first invoice, you can log in via BankID and see your Cheap Energy invoices as well as all of your electricity network invoices. However, in order to see your electricity network invoices, you must have the Energifaktura® service. Naturally you can see your electricity consumption on our invoices, and it is super easy to follow your consumption each month. If you would like more detailed information about your consumption, please contact your network company (i.e. the owner of the meters). If you would like the address to our My Pages function, please send an email to our customer service:

I keep seeing the term electricity network contract. What is it?

All electricity subscribers in Sweden need to have an electricity network contract in order to receive their electricity delivered to their apartment, house, holiday home or business. The electricity network contract is entered into with the company that owns the electricity network in your area. Yes, that’s correct – you can only arrange your electricity network contract with the company that owns the network, as they have an exclusive right. It might seem strange that you can’t choose from other companies that perhaps would have been cheaper, but you simply have no choice in this matter. However, once you have arranged your electricity network contract, you are then able to sign up with Cheap Energy or any other operator on the electricity supply market. The Swedish electricity supply market is not a monopoly. The electricity network contract and electricity supply contract must be under the same person or the same corporate ID number. We would be pleased to help you if you are unsure about anything, and via our fantastic Energifaktura® service you can avoid the need to receive a separate electricity network invoice – our Energifaktura® service combines the cost of your electricity network and electricity supply on one and the same invoice, with only one OCR number for payment.

I feel that my electricity network cost is very high. Why is it so high?

There have been a lot of developments in the Swedish electricity supply market in the past decade, but not in the electricity network market where the network companies operate. They have an exclusive right in relation to all of their own electricity networks, which means that you, as a customer, cannot choose the network operator you want but must instead accept the alternative that is offered to you. Otherwise you simply won’t receive any electricity! The electricity network prices have been subject to significant increases, and unfortunately no one can do anything about this. Your electricity network invoice consists of a fixed monthly fee, in addition to which there is also a variable component relating to electricity transmission and distribution. This may vary from a couple of Swedish öre to many öre, depending on which network owner you have. You are charged a cost per kWh transmitted to your home or property. In other words, this is not an electricity cost but rather a transmission and distribution fee on the electricity you consume. Apart from these fees, you must also pay energy tax as well as value-added tax (VAT). These are government charges, and unfortunately neither we nor you can influence any of the fees included on your electricity network invoice, as the network operators set their own prices, and the government determines the taxes applicable in the country.

The state-owned authority Svenska kraftnät increased the fee for electricity consumption as of 1 January 2021

Svenska kraftnät (“SvK”) is the authority that owns the Swedish national electricity grid and is responsible for ensuring that Sweden has a safe and secure electricity transmission system. SvK controls and monitors Sweden’s electricity system around the clock to ensure the system’s operational reliability. The costs of operation and maintenance are added to the electricity price for all electricity customers in Sweden. As of 1 January 2021, SvK increased the electricity consumption fee, which exists to ensure that there is always a balance between the production and consumption of electricity.


Why an increase in the electricity consumption fee?
SvK ensures that there is a balance between the production and consumption of electricity by purchasing reserves of electricity. The costs associated with using and administering these reserves have increased in recent years.


To whom does the increase in the electricity consumption fee apply?
Everyone who has an electricity subscription in Sweden is subject to the increased fee.


How large is the increase in the fee?
The increase is approximately 0.27 öre/kWh including VAT. For a customer with an apartment and an annual consumption of 5,000 kWh, this entails an increase of around SEK 13 per year. For a customer with a villa and an annual consumption of 15,000 kWh, the increase is around SEK 38 per year including VAT. For a business customer with an annual consumption of 50,000 kWh, the increase is around SEK 100 per year excluding VAT. The fee is included in the electricity price and is not specified on the invoice. If you have a contract based on hourly rate, the SvK fee is shown on a separate row.


But SvK’s fees are also included in my electricity network subscription?
SvK has several different fees – some of them are added to the electricity consumption cost, while some are added to the electricity network cost. The fees for the electricity network are primarily intended to cover the expansion of the national grid in the form of power lines and power stations. The SvK fee is not an extra fee from Cheap Energy AB – it is a government fee that Cheap Energy AB cannot influence or remove.